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Welcome to Red Island, NL Canada

This site is a compilation of information and photographs about Red Island and the people who lived there and their descendants who continue to keep the island alive! The Red Island website was the creation of Brian Hennessey, who unfortunately passed away on July 24, 2021.  Brian's love for Red Island is evident in the years of effort he put into the research to create and support this website.

With Brian's passing (see Blog section), I rescued the site and assumed the financial support and technical administration which couldn't have been done without the cooperation of Brian's sister Sharon.

Going forward, the underlying technology supporting the website has slowly been upgraded and enhanced using Joomla CMS but it's a work in progress.  Although it may look and feel a little different, the goal is that all of the original information and images will continue to be available.  You can help!  If you've got information or photos that can complement what's here, please send them along.  If you've got content that may be of interest to Red Islanders, get in touch!  If you've got web development experience with knowledge of html, frames and/or Joomla, hopefully some connection to Red Island and can volunteer some free time to the project, you can reach me by email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Photo credit for Red Island sunset - Paul J Power

Please advise on credit for other photos!

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